Andy Sharrocks studied at Manchester College Of Art, following in the footsteps of Mancunian artist Colin T Johnson.
He dropped out before completing his course, to follow his heart, to pursue a life in the music business, which he did for the next thirty years, before taking an example from Captain Beefheart, and gave up the blues for the multi colours of the paint palette.
He is now in what he calls his neo-cubist triangularism period, exploring how to paint everyday and surreal situations in a series of triangles, squares and circles.
Andy uses acrylic on canvas, or canvas board, choosing this medium for the vibrancy of the colours, and the quick drying time.
Andy has just completed his first sculpture made of driftwood, a life size figure of a man sitting down. He has installed it on a log on a beach in East Sussex. It is called 'Salty Sam' and has generated massive interest with the local community.
Andy lives and works in Bexhill East Sussex, and had exhibited in London and East Sussex.

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